Weak Pound Attracts Tourists to UK

The weakened British Pound is bringing in tourists to the country. Find out more below.

The British Pound is one of the most powerful currencies in the world. When it weakens, many people take advantage of it and purchase a lot before it increases in value. For some, they use the chance to travel to another country and spend a lot of money.

London, United Kingdom

On Friday, August 2, travel data firm ForwardKeys reported an increase in Chinese tourists in the country. The numbers have increased by a fifth this summer according to their latest tally. There is also a 6% increase in summer bookings from long-haul markets.

What is the cause of the increase?

The firm said that the reason for the increase is the weakened British Pound. During the week, the British Pound hit a 31-month low against the US dollar amidst speculation of a no-deal Brexit.

ForwardKeys’ spokesman David Tarsh also said “This summer is likely to see the highest number of Chinese tourists to the UK ever.”

There is also an increase in the number of Indian, Japanese and American tourists to the country this year.

Standard Chartered’s chief economist for Europe and the Americas Sarah Hewin explains that the low British Pound allows tourists to feel wealthier.

“The fall in the value of the pound against China’s currency means that Chinese tourists coming to the UK have seen their spending power increase by around 5% in the past three months.”

Visit Britain’s director Patricia Yates also saw the growth in the country’s tourism. She said that the country is now offering great value deals in destinations for those coming in the country.

London, United Kingdom

Aside from the lower value of the British Pound, staycations are also helping the country’s tourism.

According to Peter Dodd of Welcome to Yorkshire tourist office, there is an increase in tourists for many of their members. Some are already fully booked until October. Diane Howarth of the holiday letting company Cottage in the Dales also saw a 87% occupancy for many holiday villas in the country.

London Travel Information

Since it is a major international hub, getting to London, United Kingdom is easy by air travel. It has 6 major international airports with Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and Stansted Airport serving long-haul international flights. The other three – Luton, London City Airport and Southend – cater to European tourists.

European tourists based in France, Germany and Belgium may also take the Eurostar. The high-speed train will stop at St. Pancras International. They may also take the Eurotunnel Shuttle from Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, France to Folkestone, Kent where they can start their drive to London.

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