Where to Stay in Basel? Best Areas

Where to Stay in Basel? In this post we will cover the best places to stay in Basel, the third largest city of Switzerland

If you want to know where to stay in Basel, this guide will cover the best areas of this prominent Swiss city. The Rhine divides the city in Grossbasel and Kleinbasel.

where to stay in basel

Tourism in Basel: Overview

Basel is the third biggest city in Switzerland, after Zurich and Geneva. It borders both France and Germany, and is a great place to visit if you are coming from one of these countries.

The city is located in the German speaking part of Switzerland, and it is an extremely wealthy place. Even if it is not as famous as Geneva and Zurich, Basel has in fact a beautiful old town. It features unique buildings from renowned architects from different styles.

Getting to the city is relatively more complicated than to Zurich or Geneva. This partially explains the lower influx of visitors to this Swiss German city. The city however has excellent railway connections to other cities of Switzerland, Germany and France. The EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg serves the city and is actually located across the border in France.

The city also has a very strong cultural scene, with many events and festivals throughout the year. Basel is also known for the biggest watchmaking fair in the world, the Baselworld.

Best Places to Stay in Basel

The Rhine River divides Basel in Grossbasel and Kleinbasel, and each of this parts has a section of the Old Town. Therefore, the best places to stay in Basel are The Altstadt Grossbasel (The old town on the Grossbasel side) and the Altstadt Kleinbasel (The old part of the city on the Kleinbasel side).

Altstadt Grossbasel

The Altstadt Grossbasel is probably the best area to stay in Basel, offering a number of accommodation options and restaurants. The Altstadt Grossbasel is also the most popular, and the Main Train Station (Basel Hbf) is also on this side.

Altstadt Kleinbasel

The Altstadt Kleinbasel is on the right banks of the Rhine, and is also one of the best locations to stay in the city. It has less accommodation options than in Grossbasel, but it has its picturesque charm as well.

Budget Accommodation in Basel – €

Basel BackPack – an affordable stay quite close to the Main Railway Station.

Basel Youth Hostel – a great hostel at a very central location in the city.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Basel – €€

Microhotel – an excellent choice if you want to stay in Kleinbasel.

Hotel Basel – an high quality hotel right at the heart of the old town (Altstadt Grossbasel).

Luxurious Hotels in Basel – €€€

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois – a sophisticated hotel on the banks of the Rhine, enjoying a prime location in the city.

Cost of Travel in Basel

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world and Basel is no exception. Food, transportation and accommodation are quite expensive, and considerably more than across the border with France or Germany.

Food is quite expensive in Switzerland, and expect to pay anything from 10 to 30 CHF (roughly 10 to 30 dollars) for a budget meal. Groceries also cost more than the average for other Western European countries.

best places to stay in basel

High quality transportation is widely available in Basel and in all of Switzerland. Switzerland has one of the best railway networks in the world, and that reflects in the price of the services.

Basel has a high influx of business visitors and expats, which also pushes accommodation prices up. The city however has a wide range of accommodation options including budget hostels and high-end hotels.

Best Months to Visit Basel

Basel has four very distinct seasons and each one of them has its charm. From April to late September the temperature is pretty pleasant in Basel, and very inviting for both indoor and outdoor activities. In July and August there are occasional excessively hot days.

The Baselworld, the biggest watch fair in the world takes place in March. It is a great event if you are into the watch making business or if you are a watch enthusiast. During the Baselworld accommodation prices spike and you should avoid it if you are not coming for the fair.

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