Where to Stay in Belgrade, Serbia? (Best Areas)

Where to Stay in Belgrade? This post will guide you to the best places to in the capital of Serbia, one of the biggest cities in the Balkans

If you want to know where to stay in Belgrade, this guide features all the best locations, including the Old Town and the Skadarlija area.

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Tourism in Belgrade: Overview

Belgrade is one of the European capitals with the most interesting and turbulent recent past. The region where Serbia is located was always of strategical importance, and many empires tried to conquer it over the centuries.

More recently, Belgrade was the capital of Yugoslavia, a non-aligned country who had pretty decent living standards before its dissolution in the 1990s. After Yugoslavia was dissolved and many new countries were created, the city became the capital of Serbia. Scars of recent conflicts can be still seen in Serbia and in most former Yugoslavian republics.

Nowadays Belgrade is quite peaceful and safe, and the number of tourists has risen in the past few years. Low cost airlines have contributed to the increased traffic of passengers in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Where to Stay in Belgrade?

The best places to stay in Belgrade are in the center of the city. The surroundings of the Knez Mihailova street and the Skadarlija area are certainly among the places you should consider for your stay in the Serbian capital.

Knez Mihailova Street

The Knez Mihailova Street, or Ulica Kneza Mihailova is the main pedestrian street of Belgrade. It is located at the very heart of the city, and offers great accommodation options.

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The main street of Belgrade stretches all the way to the Kalemegdan Park, one of the best attractions in the city. Staying near the Kneza Mihailova allows you to get around on foot, which is quite pleasant in the center of Belgrade.

The area around the Knez Mihailova Street gathers the highest concentration of hotels and hostels in the city. The area is also great for restaurants.


The Skadarlija neighborhood is also one of the best areas to stay in Belgrade. The Skadarlija area is also in the center of the city, and surrounds the Skadarska Street. This is a bohemian area of Belgrade, and ideal if you want to enjoy the nightlife of the Serbian capital.

The Knez Mihailova street is also pretty close to the Skadarlija area. Skadarlija also offers great small accommodation options for visitors staying in the Serbian capital.

Budget Accommodation in Belgrade – €

Guest House Centar – an affordable quality guest house in the center of Belgrade. Guest House Centar is at a short walk to both Knez Mihailova and Skadarlija.

White Owl Hostel – Located in the Skadarska Street, this is probably one of the best hostels in the Balkans.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Belgrade – €€

Pension Travelling Actor – a beautiful decorated accommodation option in the Skadarlija neighborhood.

Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas – a great value for the money in the center of Belgrade. High quality rooms close to the Knez Mihaila street.

Hotel City Savoy – an excellent choice for those willing to stay in the city center, close the Skadarska.

Luxurious Hotels in Belgrade – €€€

Square Nine Hotel Belgrade – one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, located at the Studentski Trg, next to the Kneza Mihailova.

Hotel Metropol Palace – a sumptuous hotel in the city center, with an impressive interior design.

Cost of Travel in Belgrade

Belgrade is one of the cheapest cities to visit and to live in Europe. The three most important aspects of a travel budget are costs with transport, accommodation and food, and Belgrade offers great value for the money in all senses.

Transport in Belgrade is pretty inexpensive, especially when it comes to buses and trams. One should be careful with taxis, as these can overcharge you, especially when travel from the Center Station. Getting to Belgrade from other countries is becoming increasingly cheaper, as low cost airlines are improving their frequencies to the Serbian capital.

best places to stay in Serbia

Food in the city is one of the best in Europe, especially if you are a meat lover. The Balkans cuisine is heavily based on meat dishes, and I certainly recommend Pleskavica, a delicious mix of different kinds of meat and bread. There are many cheap eateries around the city and you can find many snack bars and restaurants.

Accommodation in the city is also one of the cheapest among European capitals. Regardless what kind of traveler you are, choosing hostels or luxury. Even in the summer, when most prices skyrocket in Europe, the Serbian capital still offers pretty affordable options in all ranges.

Best Months to Visit Belgrade

As mentioned above, the Serbian capital is one of the most affordable cities to travel in Europe. It can be a great stop if you are doing an European tour, especially in summer.

Even if the city is very affordable, its weather can be pretty extreme. During summer, it can be extremely hot in the Balkans, which can be quite unpleasant for sightseeing during the day. During winter, the weather can be quite cold in Serbia with heavy snowfall, although they do not happen so often in the capital.

The best months to visit Serbia are those in Spring and Autumn. The Serbian capital has a perfect weather from April to June, and mostly pleasant days from late August to November.

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