Where to Stay in Frankfurt? Best Areas

Where to stay in Frankfurt? This post explains to best areas to stay in Germany’s financial center, also including a cost of travel analysis of the city

If you want to know where to stay in Frankfurt am Main, this guide is certainly for you. The city center and the old town are some of the best areas to stay in Frankfurt, and will be explained in full detail below.

where to stay in Frankfurt

Tourism in Frankfurt: Overview

Frankfurt am Main is the main financial hub in Germany, being the headquarters of many German and multinational corporations. However, this city is not among the best cities for tourists in the country. While Berlin offers a rich cultural experience and Munich has the Oktoberfest, Frankfurt has just a strong business vocation.

Regardless of that, the city still has a high influx of non-business visitors, which can be explained by two reasons. The first is its prime location in the western part of Germany. The city’s railway connections are also great and Frankfurt is just a short train ride away from places like Brussels, Luxembourg and Eastern France.

The second reason behind the city’s influx of visitors is its international airport. The Frankfurt am Main Airport is among the top 5 in Europe and has a wide range of intercontinental flights. Lufthansa, the country’s biggest airline, uses the Frankfurt airport as its main hub.

The city still has some interesting tourist attractions though. The Frankfurt Tower is probably the main one, but the city also has a quaint old town.

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Best Places to Stay in Frankfurt

The best places to stay in Frankfurt are in the city center, most in the Innenstadt area. The old town (Frankfurt Altstadt) is one of the best places for stays of two nights or more. If you are coming just for transit, the Bahnhofsviertel has the highest concentration of hotels.

Innenstadt and Bankenviertel

The Innenstadt and the Bankenviertel are the best places to stay in Frankfurt at the very heart of the city. The Bankenviertel is known the financial hub of the city and is famous for its skyscrapers. The area’s most iconic buildings are the Main Tower and the Commerzbank Tower.

Don’t forget to check the Zeil street if you want to shop while visiting the city.

Old Town

The old town (Altstadt) is one of the best areas to stay in Frankfurt and also one of the most beautiful. The Römerberg is the heart of the old town and has a picturesque atmosphere with unique architecture.

You can also take a walk along the river Main, in one of the most traditional areas of the city.


The Banhofsviertel is the area around the Frankfurt Main Railway Station. While it has a high concentration of hotels, I only recommend it for short stays.

It does not offer much in terms of attractions and in certainly not the best area of the city. However, it is very convenient if you are traveling by train and staying just one night.


Westend is a residential district in the city, not too far from the Bankenvertiel and the Main Railway Station. It can be a good choice if you want to stay in a more calm, quite and reserved area of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Airport

If you are flying into Frankfurt for a short number of hours or just one night, you may want to consider staying near the airport. Since the airport is not so close to the city, it can be good option to stay near the airport.

Towns like Kelsterbach or Walldorf are just next to the airport and can be convenient for these reasons.

Budget Accommodation in Frankfurt – €

Leonardo Hotel Frankfurt City Center – an affordable hotel right next to the Main Railway Station.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt – a great hostel in the Banhofsviertel.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Frankfurt – €€

Hotel Miramar Golden Mile – a great value for the money hotel in the old town, close to the Römerberg.

NH Collection Frankfurt City – an excellent option with great transport links in the city center.

Luxurious Hotels in Frankfurt – €€€

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof – a sumptuous hotel located in the center of Frankfurt.

The Westin Grand Frankfurt – a luxurious hotel in the Innenstadt, close to the Zeil shopping street.

Grandhotel Hessischer Hof – a refined option for those willing to stay in the Westend district of Frankfurt.

Cost of Travel in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is located in the one of the most densely populated and developed regions of Europe. Therefore, prices reflect this demand for accommodation, food and transport.

Despite its prime location and high influx of visitors, prices in Frankfurt are not among the highest in Europe. Cities like London, Zurich or Oslo are certainly much more expensive than it.

Food is certainly the cheapest cost you will have while traveling to Germany. You can easily find decent budget meals for under 10 euros in many locations in Frankfurt.

Accommodation can be quite expensive in the city, but it will also depend on the season. Winter is the cheapest season to visit most large cities in Germany. There are a good number of hotels offering affordable rooms for 2 people under 70 euros.

Transport is relatively expensive in the city and out of it. While train is the most expensive, it is also the most pleasant way to travel around Germany. There are also also low cost airlines and cheap bus companies like Flixbus connecting this part of Germany to other cities and countries.

Best Months to Visit Frankfurt

Frankfurt is welcoming most of the year. Unlike Munich or Berlin, it is not so crowded in summer, as many of its residents take vacations elsewhere.

Climate wise, The winter is relatively unpleasant, which freezing temperatures and eventual snow falls. It is definitely not a good time if you want to come for outdoor activities.

Summer in the city is warm, with some occasional hot days. Spring is probably the best time of the year to visit Frankfurt, with mild temperatures, affordable accommodation and longer days.

If you are traveling to Germany you might be interested in some other cities in the country. Check our guides on where to stay in Luxembourg and the best places to stay in Düsseldorf.

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