Where to Stay in Lviv? Best Places Guide

Where to stay in Lviv? Let’s check the best places to stay in Lviv, one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, ideal for its unique history, exciting nightlife and affordable prices

Check our guide on where to stay in Lviv, featuring the best areas to stay in one of the most charming cities in Ukraine. The old town around the market square and the Prospekt Svobody street are some of the best places to stay in Lviv.

where to stay in Lviv
Lviv by Vasiliy Efimenko / Flickr

Tourism in Lviv: Overview

Lviv is one of the most beautiful, and at the same time, most underrated city in Europe. The city has a rich history, and its prime location always brought interest to it different empires. Lviv has been under Polish, Austro-Hungarian, Soviet and Ukrainian rule in the past centuries, and its architecture is a perfect display of its history.

The historic center of Lviv is part of the UNESCO world heritage sites list, and its easy to understand why. The Market Square is the main point of reference, right at the heart of the city’s old town. The Opera House is the most iconic building in the city, right on the Prospekt Svobody, the most prestigious street in the center.

Located quite close to the Polish border, Lviv can be an excellent choice if you are traveling in Central and Eastern Europe. Most Western citizens do not require a visa to visit Ukraine, and Lviv is a safe and welcoming city.

If you traveling from Poland to the city by train, you may want to check our article on trains from Lviv. If you are coming from Kiev, there are good train connections between the two cities, and also direct flights.

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Best Places to Stay in Lviv

The best areas to stay in Lviv are in the old town, close to the market square (Rynok Ploshad) and also along the Prospekt Svobody street. Most of the attractions in the old town are at a walking distance from these areas.

Market Square

The Market Square (Площа Ринок) is the main attraction in the center of the old town, and a great point of reference during your stay in the city. There are many hostels, hotels and apartments in this area, for all kinds of budgets. The area also offers a great selection of cafes, restaurants and night clubs.

Prospekt Svobody

The Prospekt Svobody (Проспект Свободи) is the main street in Lviv, crossing along the city center. There are many hotels and hostels along this street but also in its surroundings. T

Train Station

If you are traveling using railways services to Lviv and need to catch a train early in the morning, you may consider the area around the train station. The train station is slight away from both the Prospekt Svobody and the Market Square, but you can easily reach it by taxi or walking. I would recommend a taxi or using the tram, since it can be quite a hassle walking to the station with your luggage.

Budget Accommodation in Lviv – €

On The Square Guesthouse – this amazing guesthouse is right at the Market Square, in the best place to stay in Lviv.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Lviv – €€

PANORAMA Lviv Hotel – a great four stars hotel on the Prospekt Svobody, right across the street from the Lviv Opera.

Astoria Hotel – an excellent hotel close to the Prospekty Svobody and the Opera.

Luxurious Hotels in Lviv – €€€

Leopolis Hotel – a luxurious hotel right between the Prospekt Svobody and the Market Square.

Nobilis Hotel – a sumptuous hotel in the center of the city, with one of the most beautiful interior designs in Ukraine.

Cost of Living in Lviv

Train Station

Lviv remains as one of the most affordable cities to visit in Europe. The economic situation in the country combined with the tensions in the Donbass region affect the country’s economy heavily. The situation also decreased the influx of tourists to the country. Even if the situation is improving, Lviv still remains extremely cheap, especially during the low season.

Accommodation and transport prices are very inviting in Ukraine, with costs often half of what they are across the border in Poland. Since the city has UNESCO heritage sites, the hotels infrastructure is quite big and an important source of revenue. Prices in low season are especially low, and many bargains are available.

Transport prices in Lviv and in Ukraine are usually low. That includes, trains, buses, trams and also taxis. The only downsize in this regard is that the city’s airport still lacks a good offer of flights. That is however improving, and more low costs companies are seeing an opportunity in flights to Lviv.

Best Time to Visit Lviv

Lviv is one of the most visited cities in Ukraine, and has a relatively high influx of visitors year round for Eastern European standards. The city has a humid continental climate, with cold winters and pleasant summer, with eventual heat waves.

The high season is mostly comprised of the summer months, especially July and August. These months are a good option if you want to enjoy the city’s nightlife, however, they are also the most crowded. The city also receives a high influx of tourists during the holidays in the beginning of May and also during Orthodox Easter.

December and early January can be a good option as Lvov christmas decoration and fair give a quaint atmosphere to the city. January and February are the coldest months, and not very inviting for outdoor activities.

Climate wise the best months to visit Western Ukraine are from April to June in spring, and in late summer or early autumn in September.

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