Where to Stay in Sydney, Australia (Best Areas)

Where to Stay in Sydney? This guide will analyze the best areas to stay in Sydney, including also a cost of travel analysis of the city

Home to the world-renowned Sydney Opera House and capital city of New South Wales, Sydney is one of the biggest cities in Australia located on the East coast. With so many things to do in this city, it is vital to check the best areas to stay in Sydney to enjoy your stay in Australia to the fullest.

where to stay in sydney

The iconic city rests by the waterside, surrounding the world’s largest natural harbour. Sydney is within the top 15 most visited cities in the world. This may be due to how the harbour has influenced local lifestyle to what it is today, utilising the water for all sorts of activities and transportation. From the harbour,you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo or even Luna park.

The city is photogenic from all angles, offering visually appealing attractions wherever you turn. The city successfully interweaves between the nature and city buildings, branching out into both modern and classic architecture. To experience all the city has on offer, keep reading. This article will provide tips and tricks on the area’s tourism, accommodation options, costs and best times to visit.

Tourism in Sydney: Overview

This Australian metropolis welcomes approximately 15 million visitors into the city each year to marvel at the city and its famous attractions. The city knows how to impress, offering a glimpse into that busy city life meshed together with natural settings such as Bondi Beach and the Botanical Gardens.

The city also has a step in the door with culture and the arts. Sydney hosts major concerts throughout the year at the Sydney Opera House. For a more historical experience, the Museum of Sydney provides answers to all you need to know about developing and building up Sydney to be the city it is today.

Sydney is a relatively safe city, particularly in the major tourist areas, although it pays to be careful during the night or while travelling through Kings Cross. While this is something to look out for, the city still welcomes all tourist types including families, with crime rates dropping over the past decade.

Best Places to Stay in Sydney

When deciding on where to stay in Sydney, there are a whole range of options. However, Circular Quay and The Rocks stand out as prime positions as they are within walking distance of numerous major tourist attractions, and close to public transportation if you want to visit other areas of Sydney such as the local beaches. A trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without checking out the famous Bondi Beach.

The Rocks and Circular Quay

A historic precinct of Sydney within the city centre, The Rocks is in the ideal position for any tourist interested in delving into the city’s past. The area is still floored with pebble stones and is where the markets are every weekend.

The Rocks is home to some of the oldest pubs in the city. It is also just a short walk away from the harbour, where you can find the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Otherwise, take a way into the more modern part of the city to find the largest transport system in Australia, which will take you anywhere you want to go.

Looking for city vibes and a more modern theme? The Circular Quay is the place to be is a great option for those wanting to rely on public transport with Martin Place Station close by. The harbour remains close by as well, also still within walking distance.

Both The Rocks and the Circular Quay area are right next door to each other and very central to all the major attractions, making them prime locations for any traveller. Don’t get too stressed about choosing between the two, as they are only a 5-minute walk away from each other.

Budget Accommodation in Sydney – $

Bounce Sydney – a buget accommodation option close to the Central Station, offering great value for the money.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Sydney – $$

Russell Hotel In The Rocks – a great accommodation option in The Rocks, one of the best places to stay in Sydney.

Australian Heritage Hotel – an excellent reasonably priced option in central Sydney, just a short walk away to the Circular Quay.

Luxurious Hotels in Sydney – $$$

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney – a great luxurious hotel in the Central Business District with excellent transport connections.

Sir Stamford Circular Quay – a prestigious hotel in one of the most privileged locations in the city, overlooking the Circular Quay.

Cost of Travel in Sydney

Sydney city is a popular destination, but it comes at a cost. Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia to visit, and also have a quite high cost of living. Fortunately, the city is quite entertaining even on a limited budget due to its range of free attractions.

best places to stay in Sydney
Opera House.

Make sure to invest in an Opal Card to save money on public transport. This will be particularly handy on Sundays, where transport costs a maximum $2.50 for the whole day. So, if you plan on hitting the public transport system for a longer trip, save it until Sunday.

Taking a snapshot in front of the Opera House is always free and acts as a great souvenir. Otherwise, wandering through their gorgeously decorated Botanical Gardens will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed.  Make sure to also look out for free walking tours. There are also 30 events hosted in the city each year, so it doesn’t hurt to check the calendar and see what might be on!

Best Months to Visit Australia

As a city by the water, Summer is preferable when it comes to visiting this destination. This will let you really experience the famous beaches and the harbour. Look out for the jet boat by the harbour for a thrill ride!

For those coming in Winter, visit the city during the major event known as Vivid Sydney for spectacular light shows . This will also be a better option if you want to try out walking up the Harbour Bridge. Skip the rain season during March to June if possible.

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