Average and Minimum Salary in Quito, Ecuador

This analysis of the average and minimum salary in Quito, Ecuador will give a thorough perspective of the country’s costs, ideal for travelers and visitors

Thinking about moving to sunny Ecuador? Check below the data for the average and minimum salary in Quito, Ecuador.


Quito, Ecuador. Photo by John Haxby

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. It is also the highest capital in the world, at an elevation of 2.850 meters. Due to the action of the authorities, it also features the best preserved center in the Americas.

The financial background of the city you move on is relevant for your budget. If Quito is the destiny of your journey, the next paragraphs will help you have a brief look at its economy.

This post introduces the minimum and average wages of the city. The knowledge of these figures will help you have a brief look at the alternatives this city can offer to you, as well as its economic development.

Minimum Salary in Quito, Ecuador

According to ElUniverso, an Ecuadorian news portal, the minimum salary in Ecuador is 400 USD as of January 2021. This figure is above the average for Latin American countries.

Average Salary in Quito, Ecuador

Numbeo is an online resource that compares the cost of living worldwide. It reports that the average salary of Quito is roughly 630 USD. The source ranks it 85th among the highest average salaries worldwide.

Economic Outlook of Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador. Photo by Adam Reeder

Quito plays an important role on the economy of Ecuador. On one hand, it is the largest contributor to the national GDP. On the other hand, it provides low-cost products. Cheese, apples, potatoes, and lettuce are among the cheapest worldwide. Facilities, transport, and gasoline are also low-cost.

It is also an attractive option to settle down. An apartment with one bedroom in the suburbs costs roughly 280 USD monthly. This figure is moderately convenient for your budget. You can live a comfortable life in the outskirts and enjoy its landmarks. Some of the most visited are the Palacio de Carondelet and the Cathedral of Quito.

To sum up, Quito is as enjoyable as convenient, both for you and your budget.

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