Best 7 Revolut Alternatives: A Guide to Neobanks and Banking Apps

revolut alternative

Exploring the Best Revolut Alternatives: A Guide to Neobanks and Banking Apps Revolut has become a popular choice for many individuals globally, owing to its sleek debit card and impressive multi-currency account. Furthermore, users can access a stock and cryptocurrency marketplace, as well as travel benefits, savings opportunities, and a … Read more

Where to stay in Yerevan, Armenia?

where to stay in yerevan armenia

Where to stay in Yerevan, Armenia? Discover the best areas to stay in Yerevan in this post, the capital city of this unique country on the Caucasus  Considering traveling to the Caucasus? Check the best places to stay in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, one of the world’s oldest … Read more

New Thai Double Entry Visa to be Launched

Double entry visa from Thailand available soon

Tourists traveling in and out of Thailand will now be able to get a double entry tourist visa to make travel easier soon. Find out more about it below. For tourists, it can be very difficult to travel into regions that have different visa policies. Some will not permit you … Read more

Saudi Arabia Starts Issuing Permanent Residence Permits

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is now issuing permanent residence permits to foreigners. Find out more about this new program below. Foreigners who wish to live in the country of Saudi Arabia used to find it difficult to do so. The country has very strict requirements and they don’t allow foreigners to visit … Read more

Oman Introduces its eVisa Program

Oman opens its eVisa program

Oman now has its very own eVisa program. Find out more about it below. eVisa programs are now becoming very popular around the world because of how efficient it makes traveling to foreign countries faster. They are also more secure than old visas since more information is within them. The … Read more

German Low Cost Airline Market Cooling Down

Eurowings airline

Germany’s low cost airline market is cooling down. Find out why it is happening. Low cost airlines are a huge business with the increase in travelers looking for budget air fare deals. Some low cost airlines make a fortune with their inclusion to the airline industry in their country or … Read more

Polish Citizens Now Visa-Free to the US

Poland now Visa-free to enter the US

Polish citizens can now travel to the US visa-free starting next week. Find out more about this new program below. Getting a US visa is very difficult because it requires a lot of paperwork and interview. Many countries often hope for the chance to get into the the US visa-free … Read more

IAG Acquires Air Europa for $1.1 bn

IAG purchases Air Europa

IAG buys Air Europa for a staggering $1.1 billion dollars. Find out what will this purchase do for the company. With the increasing number of tourists worldwide, airline companies are looking for ways to expand their network. Most of them are purchasing other airlines to get their network and reach … Read more

Australia Tech Visa Launched

Tech visa

Australia introduces a new tech visa program for top tech workers. Find out what the program is about below. The tech sector is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Many companies are rallying to find the best tech workers and bring them to their hubs abroad. Australia’s tech industry … Read more