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January 18, 2020
Jon Stotz

Jon Stotz

My name is Jon Stotz and I am an avid traveler. I have been to 45 countries so far and I write many of the articles and news on

where to stay in ljubljana

The best places to stay in Ljubljana are featured in this article, which also includes cost of traveling and when to visit the Slovenian capital
Where to stay in Ljubljana? This guide explains the best areas in the Slovenian capital, including its quaint old town and the...

airports in south of france

Check our list of Airports in South of France, in a guide for those traveling to one of the most visited Western European regions
Are you flying to Cote d'Azur or other regions in the Southern part of France? Check our list of international airports in South of France...

best tours warsaw

This list of Warsaw guided tours include the best attractions for anyone willing to enjoy the Polish capital to the fullest
The capital of Poland is one of the most interesting in Central Europe. This post features the best Warsaw guided tours, included options in...

singapore skyline

This post will review the best areas to stay in Singapore, an exciting city state and trading hub in Southeast Asia
In this post, we will analyze the best areas to stay in Singapore, giving also a thorough insight on cost of travel and best months to visit this amazing...

average minimum salary seoul south korea

Check the average and minimum salary in Seoul, South Korea, one of the wealthiest and most technological cities in East Asia
Are you considering relocating to East Asia? Check the average and minimum salary in Seoul in this post giving an insight to the South Korean...

where to stay in sao paulo

Where to stay in Sao Paulo? Check below our guide to the best areas to stay in South America's largest and wealthiest metropolis
If you are planning a visit to São Paulo, this post is certainly for you. Let's explore the best areas to stay in Sao Paulo, bringing also a cost of...

sao paulo

Let's analyze the average and minimum Salary in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to understand better the dynamics of the wealthiest city in Latin America
Brazil is the richest and most populous country in South America. This analysis of the average and minimum salary in Sao Paulo is a good...

cost of living in vilnius lithuania

Cost of living in Vilnius: let's analyze costs of food, real estate, entertainment and transport in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania
If you are looking to move to Vilnius, we will offer all the information you need when it comes to the job market, costs and general quality of...

salary in vilnius

The average and minimum salary in Vilnius, Lithuania are important figures to understand the dynamics of this Baltic nation art of the Eurozone
If you considering moving to the Baltic States, the average and minimum salary in Vilnius, Lithuania are useful data to analyze the...

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