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July 19, 2019
Ai Mori

Ai Mori

My name is Ai. I love to travel.

Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is now the best country for expats according to a latest survey. What makes it special?
When expats look for a country to move to, they have a specific criteria. They consider the average salary in the country, what is in the country and how far they can bring their...


Laos announced its eVisa program for visitors. Find out what improvements is part of the program below.
The Laos eVisa program was previously believed to be an impossible project to push. The country falls short with the program because other Asian countries already have it...

Cape Town, South Africa

7 Countries Now Have Visa Free Access to South Africa: Ghana and UAE among the list
South Africa is one of the most popular destinations in Africa. It is teaming with wildlife and destinations that you will not find anywhere else. Exotic food and drinks are also a plenty when...

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia Residency Permit rules changed this year. Check out the new rules released by the government below.
For foreigners who would like to live for good in a foreign land, applying for a residency permit is important. It will help you stay longer in the country without having...

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Which passport stands out from the rest of the world? Find out below.
Passports allow people to travel to other parts of the globe. It serves as their "visa" to these countries, as well as their proof of identification. However, while passports are offered by all countries to...

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal Foreign Residents Hit Record High. Why is Portugal appealing to many foreign residents? Find out why below.
Expats have a lot of criteria when it comes to picking the country they like to move into. Some look for countries where they can relax and go to places rarely...

Kutaisi, Georgia

New flights will be made available for passengers traveling to Georgia through Wizz Air. Find out more about the announcement.
Georgia is currently having problems with its tourism sector after it was announced that Russian airlines will no longer fly to the country. However...


Interested in getting a residency permit in Iran? Check out the latest announcement from the Iranian government below.
When it comes to investment, Iran is not a country of choice for foreign investors. Its economy is highly regulated and dominated by military-owned businesses...

Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Tourists who would like to visit Russia will be able to apply for a visa quicker in 2021. But, there are exceptions.
Russia has always been a mystery for many travelers. While it is a part of Asia and Europe due to its vast land, getting a visa to the country is not very...

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