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July 14, 2020
Ai Mori

Ai Mori

My name is Ai Mori and I am from Karatsu, Japan. I ice skate and travel during my free time. It is nice to meet you all.

Oman opens its eVisa program

Oman now has its very own eVisa program. Find out more about it below.
eVisa programs are now becoming very popular around the world because of how efficient it makes traveling to foreign countries faster. They are also more secure than old visas since more information is...

IAG purchases Air Europa

IAG buys Air Europa for a staggering $1.1 billion dollars. Find out what will this purchase do for the company.
With the increasing number of tourists worldwide, airline companies are looking for ways to expand their network. Most of them are purchasing other airlines to get...

Tech visa

Australia introduces a new tech visa program for top tech workers. Find out what the program is about below.
The tech sector is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Many companies are rallying to find the best tech workers and bring them to their hubs abroad...

Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul makes a record in tourist visits for the first nine months of the year. See what impact it made for the region.
For many travelers, especially those going to Europe, Turkey is where they get their connecting flights. Aside from being a transport hub, Turkey is also...


Ryanair is expanding its operations in the Balkan region. Find out which areas they will work on next.
The Balkan region is a very exotic location for many travelers heading on to Europe. The region has a very rich history and culture, as well as destinations you can't find...

Paris, France

France is gloomy for its tourism forecast for 2020. Find out why they had a sudden shift in mindset.
France is one of Europe's most popular tourists destinations. It is known as the City of Love and Lights, and it has one of the world's richest cultures and history. The...

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania begins its online residence permit applications for interested foreigners. Check out how the process will go down below.
It can be very difficult to get a residence permit in some European countries. Foreigners have to appear personally in their local embassy and...

EU residence permit

The new EU Residence Permit statistics is out. See which country has the most number of applications below.
Many foreigners wish to get residency to any of the European Union countries because of the benefits it offers. Having a residence permit in the EU allows a person to...

US flights to Cuba banned

A recent announcement says that US flights to Cuba are banned except Havana. Find out why.
Cuba is one of the most interesting countries in South America that some travelers wish to visit. It has a very rich culture and history despite the political tensions it has with the...

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya in Turkey records a high tourist record for the year. Find out more about this record below.
Turkey has a lot of great tourist destinations that many foreigners often flock to for their holidays in the country. One of them is the beautiful city of Antalya, known for...

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