France Glooms on Tourism Forecast

Paris, France

France is gloomy for its tourism forecast for 2020. Find out why they had a sudden shift in mindset. France is one of Europe’s most popular tourists destinations. It is known as the City of Love and Lights, and it has one of the world’s richest cultures and history. The … Read more

Brexit: Sweden to Give Residence Permits to Brits in No Deal Scenario


Sweden plans to give out residency permits to Brits in case of a No Deal Brexit. What options are put forward? With the negotiations for Brexit close to completion, several British citizens are looking at ways to remain in the European Union. Many fear that once the negotiations are complete, … Read more

UK to Offer 3 Year UK Residence Permit to EU Citizens in Case of No-Deal


A 3-Year UK Residence Permit will be made available to all EU Citizens in case a no-deal Brexit happens. Find out more about this announcement. On Wednesday, the British Home office said that EU residents can get a UK residence permit before Brexit. This offer is open if they want … Read more