Best Places to Stay in Aruba (Hotels and Areas Guide)

The best places to stay in Aruba are listed in this post, a beautiful island in the Caribbean with wonderful beaches and a Dutch feeling

It would be hard to choose among all the best places to stay in Aruba since the whole island is wonderful. Going to an island like Aruba is a pleasure, its beaches are a paradise, and its people are hospitable. The locals treat tourists as royalty and the best places in Aruba are surrounded by amazing views and natural wonders.

best places to stay in Aruba
Aruba. Photo by photorolandi

Tourism in Aruba: Overview

Aruba is an amazing place to visit; you can go with your friends and family to see the wonderful views in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We can say that it is a friendly destination in the Caribbean where the food is delicious and varied. Its capital Oranjestad is colorful and fun, and its the best place in Aruba for entertainment.

The island belongs to the Netherlands, although they have different constitutions. Aruba is also one of the three islands that make up the ABC islands with Bonaire and Curacao. Its currency is the AWG (florin), also known as Florin of Aruba and has a population of 100,000 people.

One of the interest aspects of Aruba is that it has two official languages: Dutch and Papiamento. If you want to obtain residence in Aruba, you should be able to read, speak and understand both languages.

where to stay in Aruba
Eagle Beach. Photo by Atramos

Best Places to Stay in Aruba

If you are looking to where to stay in Aruba, the island offers pretty good options. Aruba is a dream destination in the Caribbean. It is a place blessed by nature with amazing beaches, a tropical forest and a colorful and lush fauna. With a landscape almost flat, Aruba has scenarios that you are going to fall in love.

Although the main tourist attractions of the island are its beaches, there are also other places where you can go. You can take a family stroll, have a good time with friends or enjoy the nights of great music.

If you are coming mostly for the beaches, the best areas to stay in Aruba are Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, both in the west of the island.

Budget Accommodation in Aruba

Pista Q – a great option in Oranjestad if you are visiting Aruba on a limited budget.

A1 Apartments Aruba – a nice budget option if you want to stay in the center of Oranjestad.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Aruba

Arubiana Inn Hotel – an affordable hotel in one of the best areas to stay in Aruba, close to the Eagle Beach.

Coconut Inn – a great option with easy access to the Palm Beach and the Eagle Beach.

Luxurious Hotels in Aruba

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino – a great option providing full entertainment in a prime location at the Palm Beach.

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino – another luxurious option for a perfect stay in the island, also in the Palm Beach area.


Oranjestad is the capital of the island and one of the best places to stay in Aruba. this city attracts guests with its picturesque beaches and natural landscapes.

Downtown Oranjestad is one of the best places to stay in Aruba. It has a number of attractions showing the mixed history of the people who live in the island.

The colorful houses that make up most of the buildings are a kind of grace, complementing the cozy atmosphere. One of the main places of interest is the Queen Wilhelmina park. It is named after the Dutch Queen, who played an important role in the development of the city. In the park is a monument that represents the ruler.

One of the most notable buildings is the St Ann’s Church, this building is a true masterpiece of neo-gothic style architecture.

Aruba also has a variety of museums and cultural institutions, the invaluable discoveries of the past will present you the Archaeological Museum. This museum contains a collection of crockery, utensils, household items and other ethnographic objects found on the island.

The Museum of Numismatics exhibit equally valuable collections, the total number of samples exceeds 30 thousand.

San Nicolaas

San Nicolaas is another city of this Dutch Island. It is possibly the best area to stay in Aruba if you prefer a relaxed atmosphere. It is a quiet place located just twelve miles southeast of Oranjestad. In this city, there is a charming pedestrian promenade in Zeppenfeldstraat, an art gallery, boutiques, shops, restaurants, and bars.

The swarm of metal chimneys of the old refinery dominates the landscape of St. Nicholas. In the times of industry glory; this was the place for fashion. It is perfect for tourists looking for the true spirit and flavor of the Caribbean. There you can find beautiful beaches and all the island charm, away from the sophistication of Palm Beach resorts.


The island has a lot of beaches, but among the best, Palm Beach is a great option. It is 5 minutes from Oranjestad by car and is famous for a large number of palm trees along the beach.

Baby Beach is a beautiful beach located in San Nicolaas, the second most important city of the island. The beach is suitable for families with small children, hence its name.

Cost of travel in Aruba

If you want to go to the island but you have a low budget you have to avoid the winter season (Northern Hemisphere). Aruba is an island with sun all year round making it an ideal destination to escape the winter’s sadness. Accommodation is more expensive and the island has more visitors during this period.

As for food, if you want fast food you can spend between 7 and 10 dollars per meal. A more refined meal will set you back 20-30 $ without dessert. There are some decent bar selling beers at 3 dollars in the Island.

The Queen Beatrix Airport in Aruba is one of the busiest in the Caribbean, with direct flights to various countries. The main US companies operate to the island, as well as some low budget airlines. There are also direct flights to Europe, operated by KLM, and to a number of countries in South America.

Accommodation is rather expensive in all of the Netherlands Antilles. The tourism is one of the biggest sector in the Island, and there are many accommodation options available.

Best months to visit the Caribbean

Aruba has a dry tropical climate. It has an average annual temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

This island has a little variation throughout the year; which is ideal because you can visit it throughout the year. You can avoid the Months from October to December, due to the relative risk of rain. We recommend the months of January to March, which is more fresh and dry.

I hope this post has helped you to find where to stay in Aruba, and enjoy the best of the Caribbean sea.

Advantages of Visiting Aruba

The island is outside the hurricane belt and therefore considered a very lucky island. The weather is safe throughout the year, which makes Aruba an attractive holiday destination in all seasons.

Aruba also has a water distillery converting seawater into potable water, so you don’t have to buy bottled water.

Arubians are proud of almost everything in Aruba, so you will hear the locals praising the island all day. In Aruba, you can find clean beaches, fantastic food, and friendly people; there is simply no limit to how wonderful Aruba is.