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September 18, 2019

Where to Stay in Warsaw Poland, Old Town, Ochota

Where to stay in Warsaw? In this post we have listed the best places to stay in Warsaw including a cost of travel analysis of the city

If you are looking for a place where to stay in Warsaw this post analyses the best areas of the city. The old town and the area near the Warsaw Main Train Station are among the best places to stay in Warsaw, one of the most interesting cities in Central Europe.

where to stay in warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland is one of the most dynamic cities in Central Europe. Often underrated, the city offers a great variety of activities. It is in fact, comparable to Berlin or Prague if you like nightlife and eating out.

Tourism in Warsaw: Overview

Warsaw is a vibrant metropolis with a population of roughly 1.7 inhabitants. It has a very generous public transport network, including metro, trams and buses. However, Warsaw doesn’t attract as many tourists as cities like Budapest or Vienna. What could be reason for this?

There are two possible circumstances that render Warsaw less attractive then other Central European cities.

The first reason is its geographical location. As its located in Central Poland, Warsaw is not as easily accessible as Prague or Krakow. That is especially true if you are travelling by train. Nowadays however, with high penetration of low cost airlines in the EU, flying to Warsaw became accessible and easy.

The second reason is that most of its historical buildings have been destroyed during the Second World War. Warsaw still has an Old Town but its far less impressive than those in Tallinn, Krakow or Bruges.

Best Areas to Stay in Warsaw


Warsaw is rather spread out, unlike most Central European capitals. This means that you will need to use public transport or a car to get around and enjoy the city to the fullest.

There are three areas which I would recommend in Warsaw. The Old Town, the area around the Warsaw Central Railway Station, and the Aleja Krakowska area in the district of Ochota / Mokotów.

Old Town

The Warsaw Old Town (Stare Miasto) is the obvious choice for staying in any European city, as its the center of culture and nightlife. Warsaw has a pretty compact old town, but its rather picturesque and beautiful. There is a decent choice of affordable and tasty restaurants in the area.

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Warszawa Centralna – Railway Station

The Warsaw Central Railway Station (Warszawa Dworzec Glowny) is one of the main points of arrival into the city. As the name says is has a pretty central location and its extremely well connected.

If you are arriving by air, there is a direct train from the Warsaw Chopin airport to the main station running frequently.

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Aleja Krakowska – Ochota / Mokotów

Finally, a less obvious area for a stay in Warsaw would be the surrounding of the Aleja Krakowska. This is an artery avenue connecting Warsaw to the Krakow.

The area in the district of Ochota and Mokotów is very calm and offer a number of cheap eats, supermarkets. It is also an excellent option if you are flying into Warsaw, as its quite close to the airport. A taxi fare from this area to the main airport building takes 5 to 10 minutes and is extremely affordable.

Budget Accommodation in Warsaw – €

Hostel Lwowska 11 – a high quality hostel at a walking distance to the Warsaw Central Station and to the Politehnika Metro Station.

Smart2Stay Magnolia – a great affordable place to stay if you arrive or departure from the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Warsaw – €€

Royal Route Residence – a great value for the money property in the heart of Warsaw, with a number of attractions at a walking distance.

Castle Inn – a cozy reasonably priced boutique hotel in Warsaw’s old town.

Luxurious Hotels in Warsaw – €€€

Hotel Bellotto – a luxurious hotel in an impressive building. Close to the old town in one of the best locations in Warsaw.

InterContinental Warszawa – one of the most iconic five star hotels in Warsaw, just a short walk to the Warsaw Central Station.

Cost of Travel in Warsaw

Even if Warsaw is one of the most visited cities in Europe, the costs are not necessarily low. Since it’s the capital of Poland and its economic centre, the city gathers a lot of domestic and international business visitors.

When compared to the cost of travel in Western Europe, Warsaw is still extremely affordable. That is especially true if you are coming from Germany, Scandinavia or the UK. One of the main reasons to explain this is the fact that Poland did not adopt the Euro currency. Currently the Polish Zloty is Poland’s currency, which is not pegged to the Euro.

You can expect a budget of 30-40 euros per day for a budget traveler. Food is delicious in Warsaw and extremely cheap. If you like Asian food, there are many Vietnamese budget restaurants offering delicious dishes for as low as 2 euro.

A reasonable daily budget would be between around 50-70 euros. That covers private accommodation, decent meals in most restaurants and a wide range of activities. Any budget above 100 euro per day can guarantee a rather luxurious experience in Warsaw.

Best Months to Visit Warsaw

Warsaw has an humid continental climate. In other words, it has pretty harsh winters, with plenty of snow and many days with below freezing temperatures. January and February are the coldest months, and are also when the city receives the least amount of visitors.

Summer in Warsaw has many pleasant days, however it also has a considerable amount of hot days and stormy weather. Unlike Prague or Berlin, Warsaw attracts much less tourists, and can be a good stop if you want a more relaxed atmosphere during your Eurotrip.

Just like most cities in Central Europe, the best time of the year for your stay in Warsaw is during spring and autumn. These seasons offer pleasant climates for outdoor activities as well as for enjoying a café in Warsaw old town. From September to November, the autumn leaves give a romantic charm to the Polish capital.

If you traveling to Poland check our post on the best cities to visit in Poland, as well as the best places to stay in Krakow. Another option if you are in Poland for a few days is to visit the city of Lodz, less than 2 hours by train from Warsaw.

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