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July 14, 2020

Average and Minimum Salary in Lima, Peru

In this post, we will analyze the average and minimum salary in Lima, Peru, to give an insight to the country’s economy for travelers and expats

Considering relocating or investing in Peru? Check the economic reality in the country, as well as the average and minimum salary in Lima, the vivid Peruvian capital.

“Rayito del Sol” Bridge, Lima, Peru. Photo by Art Dino

Peru is a country that holds a fascinating history. It housed the Norte Chico and the Inca Empire. They are among the oldest in history. It also features the citadel of Machu Picchu. Thousands of tourists visit it every year.

The following paragraphs will focus on Lima, its capital city. If you look for job prospects, you need to be aware of the economy of your destiny. We will review the minimum and average salaries of Peru to guide you. With this information, we guarantee you will make the right decision.

Minimum Salary in Lima, Peru

Currently, the minimum salary in Lima and the whole of Peru is of 930 Peruvian soles, which is equivalent to approximately 275 USD. Peru currently has a minimum salary considerably lower than those of Chile or Brazil. Source: (in Spanish).

Average Salary in Lima, Peru

The average salary in Lima as of 2019 is of 1700 Peruvian soles, or roughly 500 USD. The Peruvian economy is thriving, and Lima concentrates most of Peru’s wealth.

Peru Economic Outlook

Lima Peru Beach. Photo by Martin Garcia

Peru offers the cheapest meals (3 USD) and the cheapest water of South America (0.4 USD per bottle). However, the high cost of living per person (502 USD) presents a difficulty to make ends meet. This may present a serious drawback to your budget.

For example, if you rent an apartment of one room in the suburbs, you will be able to afford basic utilities, transport, and food. But you would need to live with a minimum of resources to afford leisure and clothes years later.

Fair markets offer an endless variety of items at low prices, though. Workers from neighboring countries travel to Peru to buy items and resell them on their hometowns at higher prices. Hence, importation proves to be a more attractive option to look at.

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