Where to Stay in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Where to Stay in Saint Petersburg, Russia? This post will list the best places to stay in one of the most elegant and surprising cities in the world

Find out where to stay in Saint Petersburg, in this guide covering the best areas of this Russian city. Saint Petersburg is one of the most charming cities in the world, pretty safe, and also quite affordable.

best places to stay in saint petersburg

Tourism in Saint Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg is the biggest city in Northern Europe, and the second biggest city in Russia. The city was the capital of the imperial Russia and is full of history on its buildings, streets and canals.

Saint Petersburg is also a port city on the Baltic Sea. Many cruise lines operate in the city, doing ferry lines like Saint Petersburg – Helsinki, but especially larger cruise ships.

The city is also the cultural capital of Russia. It is home to one of the greatest museums in the world, the Hermitage. It has some of the most beautiful art and architecture relics in all of Europe. Don’t forget to check Peterhof, one of the most splendid museums in the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

Finally, Saint Petersburg is a gateway to Russia, and is ideal if you are in the region for a short visit, or if you are going to travel around the Trans Siberian Railway. You can check the Russian Railways website to get more information on traveling by train in Russia.

where to stay in saint petersburg

Where to Stay in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is a large metropolis, with a population of around 5 milion people. However, most of its attractions are in the central part of the city, usually close to the Prospekt Nevsky street.

If you prefer to stay in another area, make sure you stay close to a metro station for easy transiting around the city.

Prospekt Nevsky

Prospekt Nevsky (Невский Проспект) is the main street of Saint Petersburg. It was initially planned to be the beginning of the road to Moscow. It crosses all the center and is many important attractions in the city. They are: Admiralty Building, Hermitage Museum, Savior on the Spilled Blood, Bolshoe Gostinyy Dvor, Vosstaniya Square.

Moskovsky Railway Station in St Petersburg

The Moscow Railway Station (Санкт-Петербург-Главный) is the main railway station in Saint Petersburg. It is centrally located, close to the Vosstaniya Square and the Prospekt Nevsky.

This area one of the best places to stay in the city if you are traveling by train in Russia. You have excellent connections to Moscow from this Station using the Sapsan (high speed train). There are trains to many other important cities in Russia from this station.

The area around the station is also great for shopping and eating out, with a great number of options for all budgets. The Galeria Shopping Mall(ТРЦ Галерея) is just next to it.

Budget Accommodation in St Petersburg – $

Bigland Hostel – an inexpensive hotel close to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and the Hermitage.

Amadeo Hotel – an affordable hotel on the Nevsky Prospekt, one of the best places to stay in Saint Petersburg.

Bridge City Mini Hotel – a great option close to the Moskovsky Railway Station.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in St Petersburg – $$

Center Hotel – a great hotel in the Nevsky Prospekt close to the Vosstaniya Square.

Galunov Hotel – an excellent reasonably priced hotel close to the Moskovsky Railway Station.

Luxurious Hotels in St Petersburg – $$$

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg – one of the most luxurious hotels in St Petersburg, in a prime location close to the Admiratelskaya metro station.

The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel – a luxurious hotel in Saint Petersburg with one of the most opulent interior designs of all hotels in Northern Europe.

Cost of Travel in Russia

Saint Petersburg is a relatively affordable city. The highest cost involved in traveling to this city is actually to get there, while food and accommodation and local transport are quite affordable.

Getting to Saint Petersburg may be relatively expensive, as most Western citizens will need a visa. Other than that, there are not so many European low cost airlines flying to Saint Petersburg. The cheapest way to get to Saint Petersburg from the European Union is a bus from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Finland.

Since 2019, an eVisa has been introduced, making traveling to the city far less complicated.

Saint Petersburg is one of the most visited cities in Northern Europe, and has a wide array of accommodation options. From budget hostels to luxury accommodations, the city offers options for all budgets, including in its most central areas.

Eating out is also a great experience, especially if you coming from Helsinki or Tallinn. There are numerous restaurants, coffees and bars all around the Prospekt Nevsky and its surrounding streets.

Best Months to Visit Saint Petersburg

The city is located at a very high latitude, which influences its climate heavily. The city is known for its white nights in summer, and that is definitely the best time of the year to visit the city.

From May to September the weather is usually good, and this period is the least humid in the year. Days are long and temperatures are usually pleasant or just slightly cold. From the beginning of Autumn until early spring the city’s weather is not very inviting, with usual cold weather and short days.

Visiting the area in winter may be an interesting adventure though, to see its frozen canals and experience the real Russian winter.

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