Where to Stay in Cape Town, Green Point, De Waterkant

The best places to stay in Cape Town are explained in this article, features also cost of travel and the best months to visit this iconic African city

The second biggest city of South Africa, Cape Town become a popular destination for holidays and also for cultural exchange.

stay in cape town
Table Mountain, South Africa. Photo by Jadh Gonzalez

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan amazing city, with beautiful landscapes, and plenty of entertainment for tourists.

Tourism in Cape Town: Table Mountain

In Cape Town the tourism is completely connected to the nature and outdoor activities.

The main tourist attraction on the centre of the city is the beautiful Table Mountain. The flat-topped mountain, which looks like a “table”. The visitors can reach the top through the cable-way or hiking which takes around 3 hours.

On the top, the view is breathtaking where visitors can admire the whole city in different directions. However, from the city, you can actually see how great is the Table Mountain.

After visit the Table Mountain if you decided to use the hop on – hop off touristic bus, it worth to stop in Camps bay. One of the most beautiful beaches in the region, with the Twelve Apostles on mountain range on the background.

The busiest beach in Cape Town is very popular among young people. Whether to enjoy the sun on a hot summer day or to enjoy the night life on the bars. It is a good option for lunch, with plenty of restaurants in front of the sea.

Tourism in Cape Town: Sports and Nature

stay in cape town
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Photo by Jadh Gonzalez

Another beautiful place to visit is the Cape of Good Hope. The Cape of Good Hope, first named by the Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias as “Cape of Storms” . On the way to the Cape of Good Hope, if you are lucky you can bump into some wild ostrich, wild zebras and also with the famous baboons.

For those who like sports, especially surf, the beaches are beautiful with white sand. The best spots for surf are Kalk Bay, Outer Kom, Misty Cliffs, Milnerton, Table View or Big Bay. However, even in summer, the water is very cold. In addition, in many beaches there are warnings due to the presence of the great white sharks. For the brave ones, there are guided tours to dive with the great white sharks.

However, if you are not really interested in dive with sharks, you can enjoy the wine farms’ tour. Near Cape Town, there is a region of wine farms that offer tours and also wine and olives tasting.

There also other activities to do in Cape Town such as the Mandela’s Island, the Penguin beach, the boat trip to see the seals, the aquarium and much more.

Best Places to Stay in Cape Town

The the city center is possibly the first choice among the best places to stay in Cape Town as it gathers a wide variety of bars, restaurants and hotels. The whole area from the city center to the Green Point including De Waterkant gathers a lot of activities in a pleasant atmosphere.

If you are into surf, the area of Milnerton is great option for your stay in Cape Town.

Cost of Travel in Cape Town

The cost of travel in Cape Town is lower than most mainstream destinations like Europe or North America. Food is especially delicious and extremely affordable.

Prices have a strong seasonality depending on the tourist influx. In winter you can find excellent deals on accommodation and restaurants, while in summer everything becomes pricier. It is important to remember that since South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere, and when it’s winter in Europe and the US, it’s summer in SA.

Best Months to Visit Cape Town

The weather in Cape Town is suitable for tourism the whole year. However due to the geographic location through the current of air coming from Antarctica, even on sunny and beautiful days, the winds make the temperature vary between 3 ° C and 12 ° C in the winter and 14 ° C and 30 ° C in the summer.

stay in Cape Town
Road Sign in South Africa. Photo by Jadh Gonzalez

It is important to notice that since South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere, it doesn’t have the seasons at the same months as in the Northern one. The hottest summer months are January and February, and the coldest winter months are July and August.