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February 22, 2018

Average and Minimum Salary in Moscow, Russia

In this post we will cover the rates for the average and minimum Salary in Moscow, Russia

minimum salary in Moscow
Moscow at Night. Photo by Alexey Kijatov

Russia is a huge country with many micro-economies, so if you’re travelling or looking to relocate there on expat basis. A thorough analysis of the local economies will save you a lot of time and hassle once you’ve reached your destination.

Minimum Salary in Moscow, Russia

Moscow is one of the biggest capitals in the world covering 1000 sq miles of land with a population of nearly 17 million people, living in the city and the immediate suburbs. Its wages are much higher than the average figures in Russia. With the minimum salary in Moscow, your money won’t go too far. You can check the figures here.

In July 2016, the national minimum wage was raised from $91 to $110 per month, which is still significantly lower than the minimum subsistence level, which is currently at $139 p/m.

Average Salary in Moscow, Russia

Evidently the national minimum wage doesn’t quite reflect the actual salaries paid in the capital. Fro example, the average salary for a skilled educated worker in Moscow is around $1000 per month.

The average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment outside of the center will cost around $500, according to With utility bills at around $100 and transport at $25 per month, if you’re earning an average Muscovite salary you won’t have much to play around with ones that is paid.

Like in many Eastern European countries, young people tend to live with parents right up until marriage. This cost cutting practice allows them to buy their own real estate later on.

There are many foreigners who live in Moscow and other big cities such as St. Petersburg. Usually their salaries tend to be dictated by the international companies they are employed by and hence the wages tend to be higher. If you’re an expat looking to work in Russia make sure you get paid in strong currency such as USD, Euros or GBP, that way you can really enjoy everything Moscow has to offer.

Moscow and Russia’s Economic Outlook

Major cities in Russia such as Moscow, St Petersburg, Vladivostok, to name a few do not reflect the monetary state of the country at large. In the majority of the provinces wages barely $100 per month. Granted, the cost of living is much lower as well, but the distinction of living conditions between cities a few miles away from each other is vast.

Even though monthly wage at federal level cannot be below minimum subsistence level, this provision is still to be implemented in the majority of regions. The Russian government expects that raising the minimum wage to the subsistence level will require some years.

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  1. This, however, under weak Russian currency ‘ruble’, while 1 USD = 60 Rubles. It used to be 1 USD = 30 rubles. Therefore, average Moscow salary in 2013-2014 was 2000$, which isn’t that bad.

    • Check In Price

      Yes, it is important to notice that most commodity producing countries (Russia, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Etc) had huge losses on their currencies since 2014, mostly due to reduced demand for commodities in China.

      • Incorrect, it was due US/Western economical suctions and oil prices drop significantly; from 110$ per barrel to the lowest 40$ a barrel. Russian economy depends on oil and Gas exports, this leads direct correlation to the Russian currency to US dollar.

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