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January 16, 2018

Average and Minimum Salary in Brussels, Belgium

Average and minimum salary in Brussels: let’s analyse the economic reality and wages in the capital of Belgium, one of the most prominent European cities

Are you considering relocating to Belgium? Check below our data and analysis on the average and minimum salary in Brussels, to understand better the purchase power and the economics of the city.

salary in Brussels Belgium
Brussels Noord Station.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and home to 1.2M people. Home to a number of international organizations like NATO and the EU, Brussels is attracting more and more foreigners. its internationally famous food and magnificent historical sights are also of growing interest for tourist coming from Europe and beyond.

Minimum Salary In Brussels

In Belgium, the law does not specify a mandatory minimum salary for workers. However, collective labor agreements have the power to do so. Minimum salaries depend on the area of the country and the occupation type.

In Brussels, the minimum salary for workers over 21 years old is 1501.82€. It increases to 1559.38€ after a 1-year period in the same company. Workers aged from 18 to 21 are entitled to 1141.38€ per month minimum.

The average working week in Brussels is 38 hours. This is slightly longer than the working week in France, with 35 hours, and shorter than its neighbor Luxembourg, with 40 hours.

Average Salary In Brussels

The average salary in Brussels is 3908€ per month, as of July 2016. This is significantly more than Flanders (3367€) and Wallonia (3177€), the two other regions of Belgium. The dutch speaking part of Belgium (Flanders) is slightly wealthier than the French speaking part (Wallonia).

The petrochemicals sector was the highest paying (5196€), while social services offered the lowest paying jobs (2279€). More information is available here (in French).

Brussels Economic Outlook

Brussels is set to remain attractive to foreigners in the coming years, thanks to the presence of the EU and NATO. While it is very tough to integrate the organizations themselves, numerous firms are working hand in hand with them and are particularly open to talents coming from outside the country. In general, these sectors offer very competitive salaries and benefits.

Speaking French or Dutch, the two main languages of Belgium, is not required to find a job in Brussels. Despite its high cost of living, housing prices are very affordable compared to some other big European capitals like Paris or London.

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