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February 22, 2018

Where to Stay in Minsk, Belarus

Where to Stay in Minsk? If you are visiting Belarus this article is a great insight to the capital and largest city in this Eastern European country

This guide on where to stay in Minsk is ideal for those traveling to this rather unusual capital in Eastern Europe. It also includes a cost of travel and when to visit the Belorussian capital.

where to stay in Minsk
Minsk, Belarus.

Tourism in Minsk: Overview

Minsk and Belarus are certainly not among the top European travel destinations. However, the country has taken steps to improve its image abroad, through a number of investments and events in the country.

As of 2017, the Government of Belarus relaxed its visa policy considerably, which is one of the most strict in Europe for Western visitors. Now citizens of the European Union and a number of countries can stay up to five days without visa in the country, as long as they have arrived via the Minsk International Airport.

You can check the official Belarus website, with thorough information about traveling in the country. It has a well written version in English, as well as Russian, and even Chinese.

Best Places to Stay in Minsk, Belarus

Some of the best places to stay in Minsk are the area near the Minsk Passazhirsky train station and the area around the Nemiga Metro Station. The Independence Avenue (праспект Незалежнасці), is also a great option, especially in its most central area.

Minsk Passazhirskii Station

The Minsk Passazhirsky is the main railway station in the Belorussian capital, with excellent domestic and international connections. Minsk has a rather central location in the geography of Belarus, therefore, most international trains passing through Belarus also call at Minsk.

The area of the station is one of the best places to stay in Minsk, as it is also pretty central. The Lenin Square (Площадь Ленина) metro station is just nearby, and it also offers the convenience of the Galileo shopping mall.

If you are traveling by train to Belarus, check our article on trains from Minsk.

Nemiga Metro Station

The area around the Nemiga (Няміга) Metro Station is also one of the best places to stay in Minsk. It is also a very central area, with great attractions to check nearby. It is a somewhat upper class area of Minsk, and right next to the River Nemiga, from which the station has its name.

Cost of Travel in Minsk

Overall, Minsk is a relatively affordable city, especially if you are coming from the West. However, food and accommodation prices are quite similar to those on its European Union Neighbors, as Poland or Lithuania.

Transportation is by far the cheapest cost you will have while traveling in Belarus. Public transport is among the cheapest in Europe, with Minsk offering one of the cheapest metro rides in the world. Taxis are also pretty cheap, and so is petrol when compared to the European Union.

Accommodation in Minsk has similar prices to those in most Central and Eastern European countries. Minsk attracts a lot of Belorussians from other regions, pushing short and long term rentals prices up.

Best Months to Visit Minsk and Belarus

Minsk and most of Belarus have a humid continental climate, with rather significant temperature changes throughout the year. While winters can be pretty harsh, summers tend to have hot days with pleasant temperatures on its short nights.

Minsk is has a quite pleasant weather from April to September. Springs are ideal for evening walks, as the days become longer, closer to Summer. Summer can have excessively hot days, therefore it will depend on your preference. Autumn in Minsk is extremely beautiful, with most trees covering the city with beautiful yellow and orange leaves.

The months of January and February should be definitely avoided, as they are the coldest and wettest. However late December and the New Years’ eve are a nice option, if you want like Christmas fairs and decorations. Most Belorussians follow the Eastern Orthodox Church and celebrate both Christmas and the New Year, however Christmas is celebrated in early January.

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