Average and Minimum Salary in Barcelona, Catalonia

Average and minimum salary in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and most economically dynamic region of Spain

For those willing to move to Catalonia, the figures for the average and minimum salary in Barcelona are a great tool to analyze the economic conditions in Spain. Barcelona is one of the richest cities in Southern Europe, and Catalonia is the most developed region in the Iberian Peninsula.

average and minimum salary in barcelona

Despite recent economic hardships in Spain during the last years, Barcelona remained an economically attractive city. The region of Catalonia receives a number of foreign visitors and expats, attracted by pleasant water and above the average economic conditions.

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and one of the most visited cities in Europe. If you want to move to this thriving city, you should certainly consider the figures below to access your offers and possibilities in Catalonia.

Minimum Salary in Barcelona

The minimum salary in Barcelona is currently of € 1000 (salario minimo interprofessional) as of January 2022. Despite ongoing talks in Catalonia to create a minimum wage in the region, Catalonia still doesn’t have one.  As of 2022 Catalonia still has the same minimum salary as the rest of Spain. Source: Expansion(in Catalan).

It is important to note that Barcelona has in fact some of the highest wages in Spain. The current minimum salary in Barcelona is certainly not an attractive amount. That is especially the case considering the high housing prices in Barcelona.

Average Salary in Barcelona

As mentioned above, the average salary in Barcelona is among the highest in Spain. The average salary in Barcelona is of approximately € 1800 per month (net salary). Even if its one of the highest average salaries in the Iberian Peninsula, it is not at the top of the list. The capital Madrid and Bilbao have higher average wages than Barcelona.

Barcelona however, has a higher number of offers available for expats. In some cases, depending on your work sector, knowledge of Spanish may not be required. Catalan is strongly popular in Barcelona and Catalonia as a whole, but rarely required for most jobs.

Here are some average salaries per profession in Barcelona, Catalonia (net) per month:

Job in Barcelona Average salary per month (net in EUR)
Hospitality Industry  
Hotel receptionist salary (recepcionista) 1400 euros / month
Cleaner (hotel, restaurant) (camarera) 1000 euros / month
Cook / Chef (cocinero) 1300 euros / month
Waiter (camarero de restaurante) 1200 euros / month
Restaurant / Hotel Manager (gerente de hotel/restaurante) 2300 euros / month
Information Technology Industry  
IT Analyst (analista de informacion TI) 2100 euros / month
Data Scientist 2300 euros / month
Frontend Developer 1400 euros / month
App Software Developer (Android) 1600 euros / month
Python Developer 2100 euros / month
Full Stack Developer 2700 euros / month
Project Manager 2000 euros / month
Engineering and Logistic Industry  
Driver (conductor) 1000 euros / month
Civil Engineer (ingeniero civil) 1800 euros / month
Architect (arquitecto) 1800 euros / month
Mechanical Engineer (ingeniero mecanico) 2000 euros / month
Warehouse Manager (gerente de almacen) 1600 euros / month
Healthcare Industry  
Nurse (enfermero) 1800 euros / month
Doctor (GP) (medico general) 3200 euros / month
Dentist (dentista) 3000 euros / month
Pharmacist (farmaceutico) 1700 euros / month
Finance Industry  
Accountant (contable) 1600 euros / month
Lawyer (abogado) 1800 euros / month
Real Estate Agent (agente inmobiliario) 1500 euros / month
Sales Representative (vendedor) 1100 euros / month
Financial Manager (gerente financero) 2200 euros / month
Media and Marketing Jobs Industry  
Designer 1300 euros / month
Journalist (periodista) 1400 euros / month
Photographer (fotografo) 1300 euros / month
Translator (traductor) 1200 euros / month

Barcelona, Catalonia Economic Outlook

The economy of Catalonia is fairly well divided among the primary, secondary and tertiary sector. However, Tourism is the main sector involving expats and migrant workers.

Barcelona is one of the richest regions in Spain and one of the most visited in the world. Tourism accounts for a big part of the Catalonian economy, attracted for its culture and natural beauty. The El Part Airport serving Barcelona is one of the biggest in Europe.

The capital of Catalonia is a great place for expats willing to find opportunities in the tourism sector. Other than that, Catalonia is a good IT hub in Spain. Finally, banking is quite strong in Barcelona, with La Caixa and Banc Sabadell having headquarters in the region.

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