Average and Minimum Salary in Albania

Average and minimum salary in Albania: let’s analyze the wages in Albania and its capital Tirana in this post

Albania is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, offering a number of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Let’s analyze the average and minimum salary in Albania and understand the challenges and advantages of working in this Southern European nation.

average minimum salary in Albania

Despite the fact that Albania still is one of the poorest countries in Europe, opportunities in a number of sectors in the country are rising. Below we will find more information about wages in Albania. We also will feature a brief economic outlook for this small nation in the Balkans region.

Minimum Salary in Albania in 2023

Despite being one of the least wealthy European nations, income in Albania has seen a steady growth in the past two decades. As of 2021, the minimum salary in Albania is of 34000 Albanian leke, or roughly USD 282. That minimum wage applies to the private sector, while the public sector has a higher minimum salary.

In Albania’s capital, Tirana, wages tend to be higher, and the minimum salary applies mostly to unskilled professionals.

You can read more about it here (in Albanian).

Average Salary in Albania

Average wages in Albania are significantly higher than the country’s minimum salary, however they are still way below the standards in Central or Western Europe. Currently, the average salary in Albania is of $500 per month. This figure is slightly higher in the capital, and lower in other regions of the country.

Despite having low salaries, the cost of living in Albania is more affordable than most countries in its region. You can rent a 1 bedroom apartment in the center of Tirana for 330$ per month (without utilities).

More information on salaries in Albanian can be found at the Albanian Institute of Statistics website.

Albania Economic Outlook

Albania’s economy has a similar profile to many economies in the Balkan region, suffering a complete transformation in the 1990s. Nowadays, Albania has an open economy and is trying to attract foreign investments. Being rather small in terms os population and having a very mountainous relief, Albania still has a lot of room for improvement in terms of infrastructure. Some of the Albania’s main exports are crude oil, garments and chromium ore.

One of the fastest growing sectors in the Albanian economy is tourism. The country has a privileged position bother other important European tourism hubs like Greece and Montenegro. Albania is also easily accessible from Italy via ferries. The tourism sector is one of the best bets in the country’s economy, and many hospitality business are thriving in the country.

Getting a permit to live in Albania is also relatively easy. It is in fact, one of the easiest countries in Europe to get residence if you are not an EU citizen (Albania is also not part of the EU). Considering its low prices and relatively lower bureaucracy for foreigners, Albania can be a good option if you want to invest in Tourism in Europe.
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