Average and Minimum Salary in Kiev, Ukraine

Average and minimum salary in Kiev, Ukraine are analyzed in this post about this Eastern European economy

Ukraine is currently one of the poorest countries in Europe, but its capital offers a number of good investment and career opportunities for expats. Check below the average and minimum salary in Kiev, featuring also an economic outlook for Ukraine’s capital.

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Kiev has an excellent location in Eastern Europe, with easy access to Western Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Despite its recent economic and social problems, Ukraine still offers a number of opportunities. Most of these opportunities are in Kiev, a thriving European metropolis.

Minimum Salary in Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine

The official minimum salary in Kiev, Ukraine is 6700 UAH as of 2022. That is approximately 240 US dollars and slightly more than 210 euros. Ukraine has one of the lowest minimum salaries in Europe. Most countries bordering Ukraine have a higher minimum salary than it, especially those part of the European Union.

You can see the evolution of the minimum wages in Ukraine on this site (in Ukrainian).

Average Salary in Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine

The average salary in Kiev is considerably higher, at around 20000 UAH per month in 2022. That is slightly more than 620 euros, and a bit more than USD 700.

Kiev has the highest average wages in the country, and also gather most of the international companies careers. Salaries in Ukraine are pretty low, but so are the cost of living and taxes.

Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine Economic Outlook

While it is undeniable that Ukraine has struggling economically due to the political changes in recent years, Kiev still manages to have an rather positive economic outlook. The education in Ukraine is pretty good, and many foreign companies have offices in Kiev, doing various types of outsourcing services.

One of the most powerful economic sector in Ukraine is IT. IT salaries are also considerably higher than the average for Kiev, and the city is a good place for both boosting or career and hiring talent.

Ukraine also is one of the top exporters of Iron and its sub-products, however there are few opportunities for independent expats in this industry.

As mentioned above, Kiev has some of the lowest cost of living in Europe, and Ukraine has pretty low taxes. For these reasons, the country attracts a considerable amount of foreign investments, despite the relative instability in the region.

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