Average and Minimum Salary in Sofia, Bulgaria

The average and minimum salary in Sofia, Bulgaria are interesting data to analyze the economy of this European Union country

The average and minimum salary in Sofia, Bulgaria are useful data for those considering landing a job or opening a business in the country. Bulgaria is a full European Union member, and has many advantages, such as having one of the lowest tax burdens in the old continent.

minimum salary in sofia bulgaria
Sofia. Photo by Stella.

Let’s analyze below the minimum and average wage in Bulgaria, and understand the key sectors of the country’s economy.

Minimum Salary in Sofia, Bulgaria

The gross minimum salary in Sofia, Bulgaria is of 710 Bulgarian lev per month gross (approximately 363 EUR) as of 2022. This minimum wage is valid not only in Sofia, but in all countries and not is not bound just to specific sectors of the economy. More information here (in Bulgarian).

Bulgaria has one of the lowest minimum salaries in Europe, and currently the lowest in the European Union.

Average Salary in Sofia, Bulgaria

The average salary in Bulgaria in 2022 is considerably higher than the minimum wage, but still rather low. Currently, the average salary in Sofia is hovering around 850 euros per month, which is considerably higher than the minimum.

The cost of living in Sofia is quite low, and you can easily rent an apartment for 250 euros per month. Sofia has one of the cheapest square meter prices among European capitals.

Sofia, Bulgaria Economic Outlook

Bulgaria suffered intense economic transformations since the end of the Soviet Era and the Warsaw pact. The country’s economic was focused in heavy industries, but has changed to more diversified sectors in the past two decades.

For foreigners coming to Bulgaria, most of the opportunities are in the service industry, namely in IT and tourism. Bulgaria low cost of living and taxation makes of it a great place for companies providing services to international clients.

Bulgaria also has awesome nature and landscapes. The tourism and quality of live overall in Bulgaria is great and cheap.

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