Milan Central Railway Station

Milan Central Railway Station

Milan Centrale or Milan Central Railway Station, one of the most spectacular railway stations in Europe, is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Milan. Its striking architecture, originally built in 1864, is only matched by its central location, putting you within easy reach of many of Milan’s famous landmarks. But this station is more than just a transportation hub. It’s also a destination for high-end designer shopping, making it a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts. 

In this article, we will explore the history of Milan Centrale, as well as provide helpful information for travelers, including how to get to the station from Milan’s airports, whether there is wifi available, and whether luggage storage is available. We’ll also answer the question of whether Milan Centrale is open 24/7, providing all the information you need to make your travels through Milan as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Milan Central Station has a rich history dating back to 1864 when it was first built. The original station was located on the northern edge of the city center and featured a French Renaissance style design with an iron and glass canopy. However, it was not fully completed until a few years after its inauguration, and by then, its architecture was already considered outdated.

In 1912, architect Stacchini drew inspiration from classical Roman architecture, the Vienna Secession, and the Union Station in Washington D.C. to create a new design for the station. Later, Art Deco elements were added to the design in 1925, resulting in a unique blend of styles. The station was officially opened on July 1, 1931, by transport minister Costanzo Ciano.

During the station’s construction, the fascist regime of Mussolini requested that symbols of strength and power be incorporated into the building’s decoration. As a result, the roofs were adorned with sculptures of muscular animals from mythology, and the corners of the building featured fasces, bundles of rods tied around an axe, which symbolized unity and authority in Roman times.

Today, Milan Central Station is the second busiest station in Italy, with approximately 350,000 passengers using it daily. The station underwent a 100-million-euro renovation from 2005 to 2012, which aimed to restore its heritage architecture and modernize its facilities. Despite the renovation, some experts and enthusiasts feel that the new additions and billboards obstruct the original architecture’s view.

How to get from Milan Malpensa airport to Milan Central Station?

Traveling from Malpensa Airport to Milan Central Station can be done in a few different ways. Here are the three main options, with their respective pros and cons:


Operators: Terravision, Autostradale or Malpensa Shuttle

Cost: €10 one-way

Frequency: Runs frequently from 05:30 until 01:40 (Autostradale) from Malpensa Airport T1 & T2 to Milan Central Station, and from 04:00 until 00:00 (Autostradale) from Milan Central Station to Malpensa Airport T1 & T2

Travel time: Around 50 minutes for Terravision and 1 hour for Autostradale and Malpensa Shuttle

Transfers: No transfers required

This is a good option for travelers who are on a budget and don’t mind spending more time on the road.


Operators: City taxis, transfer services.

Cost: €116 (Welcome Pickups) or €122 for up to 3 people and 3 luggage (AirMundo)

Frequency: Available 24/7

Travel time: Estimated 28 minutes

Transfers: Direct transfer from Malpensa Airport to Milan Central Station

This is an ideal option for those who value convenience and speed over cost, as well as those who want to avoid navigating public transport.


Operator: Trenord

Cost: €13.00

Frequency: Runs frequently from 5:43 until 22:43 from Malpensa Airport T1 & T2 to Milan Central Station, and from 5:25 until 23:25 from Milan Central Station to Malpensa Airport T1 & T2

Travel time: 54 minutes

Transfers: No transfers required

This option is good for travelers who want a balance of convenience and cost-effectiveness.

In summary, the best option for you will depend on your priorities. If you are looking for the cheapest option, taking the bus is the way to go. If you value speed and convenience above all else, taking a taxi is the best choice. Finally, if you want a good balance between cost and convenience, the train is a good option.

How to get from Milan Linate airport to Milan Central Station?

Milan Linate Airport is located just a few kilometers away from Milan city center, and there are several ways to get to Milan Central Station without having to take a train. Here are the most popular options:


Operators: STARfly buses or Milan Linate Shuttle

Cost: €5.00 one-way ticket

Frequency: Dozens of bus connections running every day, all day, from early morning until late at night, with the first bus departing at 8:30 and the last at 21:30

Travel time: 25 minutes

Transfers: No transfers required

Taking a bus is a great option for budget-conscious travelers who want to get to Milan Central Station quickly and easily.


Operators: Taxi Blu or Taxi Milano

Cost: Estimated €28.64 – 35

Frequency: Available 24/7

Travel time: 25-33 minutes

Transfers: Direct transfer from Milan Linate Airport to Milan Central Station

For those who want a faster and more comfortable way to get to Milan Central Station, taking a taxi is a good choice.

In summary, getting to Milan Central Station from Milan Linate Airport is simple and affordable. The bus is the most budget-friendly option, with tickets costing only €5.00 and dozens of connections running throughout the day. On the other hand, taking a taxi is a faster and more convenient way to travel, with a journey time of just 25-33 minutes. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your budget and travel preferences.

Is there WiF in the Milan Central Station?

If you’re traveling through Milan Central Station, you’ll be pleased to know that the station has free WiFi. To connect to the WiFi network, simply select the WiFiStation network and follow the instructions on the login page. You can either sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account, or enter your mobile number to receive a verification text. This service is also available for international mobile numbers. You can use this free WiFi to stay connected, catch up on work, or simply browse the internet while you wait for your train. 

Is there luggage storage in Milan Central Station?

If you’re traveling through Milan Central Station with luggage, you’ll be glad to know that the station has a staffed left luggage office. The office is open from 07:00 to 21:00 and is the only official luggage storage facility within the station. You can also book storage space for your luggage through Kibag, which offers a price of €10 per luggage. Additionally, Kibag also offers a Luggage Transport Service, which can help you send your baggage to your hotel. To find the luggage storage office, simply follow the blue “Deposito Bagagli” signs within the station.

You’ll find the office on the ground floor of the shopping gallery, where the friendly staff will be ready to offer professional service. By leaving your luggage in the safe hands of Kibag’s luggage storage facility, you can enjoy your visit to Milan with complete freedom, without having to drag heavy bags around with you.

Is Milan Central Station open 24/7?

If you plan to spend the night at Milan Central Station, keep in mind that the station is closed by night from around 1:00 to 4:00. It’s important to note that the area around the station is not safe, even if there are some police patrols. Therefore, it’s best not to stay outside, especially if you have luggage with you.

For any questions or assistance needed during your time at Milan Central Station, there are several helpful resources available:

Trenitalia ticket office: located on the ground floor in the shopping gallery, open daily from 5:50 to 22:20.

Trenitalia customer service: located next to the Trenitalia ticket office, open daily from 6:00 to 22:00.

Mobile customer service desks: available next to the platforms for added convenience.

These resources can assist you with a variety of needs, including purchasing tickets, answering questions about train schedules, and providing general information about the station. It’s always helpful to know where to turn for assistance while traveling, and Milan Central Station offers several options to make your journey as smooth as possible.

In conclusion, Milan Central Station is not just a transportation hub but a significant landmark that represents the rich history and modernity of Milan. The station’s architecture is a testament to the city’s commitment to blending the old and new, combining the neoclassical and rationalist styles to create a unique and impressive structure. The station’s immense size and the services it offers make it one of the busiest transportation hubs in Europe and an important destination for visitors to Milan.

The station’s central location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring Milan and the surrounding areas. With its excellent connectivity to major cities across Italy and Europe, it’s a convenient option for travelers who wish to explore multiple destinations during their trip. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Milan Central Station is a perfect place to start your journey. Overall, Milan Central Station is a must-see landmark and an important part of Milan’s history and culture.

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