Average and Minimum Salary in Warsaw, Poland

The average and minimum salary in Warsaw, Poland give a thoughtful insight to this Central European economy, one of the fastest growing in the region

Poland has managed to dodge most of the recent crisis in the European continent, showing how robust its economy is. Let’s analyse the average and minimum salary in Warsaw, Poland’s capital and its largest city.

average minimum salary in warsaw poland

If you are considering moving or visiting Poland, this post will help you to understand the country’s economy. Poland is a full EU member, however it is not part of the Euro single currency area, and it has one of the fastest growing economies in the European continent.

Below we have the figures for the average and minimum salary in Poland. The country uses the Zloty currency, which gives its state much more flexibility to manage its economy. Other countries in Central Europe using the Euro currency, have had a much less consistent growth than Poland.

Minimum Salary in Warsaw, Poland

The official minimum salary in Warsaw, Poland as of 2022 is of 3010 PLN (gross salary). That is roughly 665 euros and almost 758 dollars per month. The net minimum salary in Poland as of 2022 is of 2363 Polish zloty or 522 euros. More information here (in Polish).

Poland has one of the highest minimum salaries in Central and Eastern Europe. Other countries that have joined the EU in 2004 like the Baltic States, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Average Salary in Warsaw, Poland

The average income after tax in Warsaw is around 5000 PLN, or approximately 1250$ per month. This figure shows how Warsaw is a wealthy city not only in the national economic sphere, but also regionally. In other important cities of Poland, the average salary in considerably lower, including Krakow or Wroclaw.

If you are relocating to Warsaw you should use the average salary as a point of reference for your prospective job offer. Anything below the average wage will result in a relatively low standard of living, especially if you must pay rent.

Warsaw, Poland Economic Outlook

Poland is showing itself as one of the most dynamic economies in Europe. It is currently showing consecutive positive GDP growth rates year after year.

If you are moving to Warsaw, you can expect to experience a much more economically dynamic city, than most EU capitals. The main reasons behind this are lower salaries and taxes compared to its neighbors to the west. Many EU companies outsource part of their operations to Poland since 2004, due to these reasons.

Warsaw does not only have great job opportunities for young professionals, but it is also a great city to start a business. The city is experiencing a constant influx of new residents, from other parts of Poland and also from countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Vietnam.

Finally, the quality of life in Poland is quite high. Warsaw is safer than most European cities and its has better than average public services in Central Europe.

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