Best Places to Stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where to Stay in Buenos Aires? Check the best places to stay in Buenos Aires, including a review of Recoleta, Palermo and Puerto Madero

Are you looking for the best areas to stay in Buenos Aires? Learn below where to stay in Buenos Aires, an check our great tips for visiting the Argentinian capital.

Tourism in Buenos Aires: Overview

Buenos Aires is probably the most interesting metropolis in South America, offering great attraction for history lovers, party goers and food enthusiasts.

where to stay in Buenos Aires
Puente de la Mujer. Photo by Patrick Nouhailler

The capital of Argentina is not only among the most interesting ones in South America, but also among the biggest. The city has various districts for all tastes, and you can find the national culture in each of its corners. Buenos Aires reflects th Argentinian culture at its best, including the Tango dancers, the traditional churrasco, the football matches, and a Bohemian atmosphere.

Best Places to Stay in Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is not only the largest city in the country, but one of the most populous cities in The Americas. Considering its size and history, the Argentinian capital has multiple districts with distinct profiles.

Considering its size, you will probably ask yourself the question: where to stay in this massive city?

Some of the best areas to stay in Buenos Aires are Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo and Centro. Check below the highlights of each one of these areas.

Puerto Madero and San Telmo

San Telmo and Puerto Madero are great options to stay in the city. They are very close to each other and have a number of interesting attractions, as well as restaurants and bars.

San Telmo is a great place to eat the original Argentinian parrilas, a fantastic delight for meat lovers. The bohemian atmosphere, especially in weekends are a great option if you want to enjoy the Argentinian nightlife. Moreover it is prett close to the Plaza de Mayo and to the Puerto Madero area.

Puerto Madero on the other hand, is the most modern area in the city, with high rise buildings and luxurious hotels. Being the most prominent area of the city, it is also the most expensive, while still pretty close to other key areas and attractions of the Argentinian capital.


Recoleta is one of the best areas to stay in the city, and also one of the best for tourism. It is extremely well known for its cemetery with beautiful tombs, its aristocratic residences and the Fine Arts Museum.

In terms of accommodation, Recoleta offers options for all budgets. Even if this area has different options for all types of tourists, most accommodation are from mid to upper price ranges for local standards.


Just like Recoleta, Palermo is one of the favorite areas to stay in the Argentinian capital. It has more affordable options than Recoleta, but it also offers luxury hotels as well.

Palermo is probably the best place in Buenos Aires for those willing to enjoy the nightlife of the city. This area also has great transport connections, and also offers great locations for shopping.

Budget Accommodation in Buenos Aires – €

Benita Hostel – a great budget option to stay in Buenos Aires close to the Plaza de Italia in the Recoleta neighborhood.

Zola Hostel – a nice hostel in the Palermo area, ideal for those willing to enjoy the surrounding nightlife.

Reasonably Priced Accommodation in Buenos Aires – €€

Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires – an excellent located in the Palermo neighborhood, one of the best areas to stay in the city.

Eurobuilding Hotel Boutique Buenos Aires – an affordable hotel with great transport connections and close to the iconic Casa Rosada.

Luxurious Hotels in Buenos Aires – €€€

Alvear Palace Hotel – one of the most luxurious hotels in Argetina, located in the Recoleta neighborhood.

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires – a refined option from a famous luxury hotel chain in a privileged location in the city.

Cost of Travel in Buenos Aires

Argentina is one of the most expensive countries in South America, and it is not a surprise that Buenos Aires is one of the most expensive cities in the continent. The good news is that it is still quite affordable, especially compared to US or Western European prices. For that reason, Argentina is one of the best places to learn Spanish in the world.

The highest cost while traveling to Buenos Aires will be probably traveling to the city (for those who live outside South America).  The transport inside the city is quite reasonable, with a wide metro network, one of the biggest in South America. Taxis are also affordable, however, make sure prices are reasonable, as taxi scams do happen.

best places to stay in Buenos Aires
Obelisco. Photo by Hernán Piñera

Buenos Aires is one of the best cities in the world for eating out, especially if you like meat and wine. The Argentinian churrasco is famous worldwide and the country is one of the world’s top wine producers.

In terms of accommodation, the capital of Argentina has options for all budgets. If you are doing a South American tour, you will probably notice that prices in the city are higher than other capitals in the region, but there are still great budget options.

If you want to understand better the Argentinian economy, check our post on salaries in Buenos Aires.

Best Months to Visit Argentina

The capital ofArgentina has a pretty favorable climate year round. If you are coming from the Northern Hemisphere, be prepared to have opposite seasons in Argentina. When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere its summer in most of South America.

Considering the overall pleasant climate in the city, there is not much restrictions regarding when to visit the city. The winter months are just slightly cold, and the temperature is usually good for outdoor activities.

Summer in the region can be quite hot, especially in January and February. These months are not the most recommendable to visit the Argentinian capital, as the heat can be unpleasant at times.

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