Ljubljana to Budapest Train

The Ljubljana to Budapest train is a comfortable option to visit two of the most beautiful European capitals. This post covers train stations, directions and how to buy train tickets from Ljubljana to Budapest

The Ljubljana to Budapest train ride is probably the best way to travel from Slovenia to the Hungarian capital. In this post we will analyze the rail connections, train stations and how to buy tickets from Ljubljana to Budapest by train.

ljubljana to budapest train
Ljubljana. Photo by Nicolas Follmer

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Ljubljana to Budapest Train: Overview

The best way to travel from Ljubljana to Budapest is by train. There are no direct flights connecting Slovenia to Hungary, and the bus ride from Ljubljana to Budapest can be quite uncomfortable. The bus might be a cheaper option though, however, the service provided by Eurolines is not daily.

The direct trip from Ljubljana to Budapest is not the shortest, but it is still the best option. You also have the option of changing trains in Wien, Austria. The total traveling time taking a connecting train in Austria is quite similar as of taking the direct train.

You may want to check our Vienna to Budapest train guide, in case you want to take a connecting train in Austria.

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Ljubljana to Budapest

As of 2019, there is only one daily direct train connecting Ljubljana to Budapest. The train leaves the Ljubljana Railway Station at 08.58 am and arrives at 17.29 at the Budapest Déli station.

The routes and timetables may change, depending on a number of factors, but you can check them at the Trainline website.

Ljubljana to Budapest Airport

Once arriving in the Budapest Déli Station from Ljubljana, you will have a few options to get to the Budapest airport. The cheapest option is using the public transport, namely two metro lines and one bus.

The M2 Metro line (red) connects the Déli station to the rest of the Budapest public transport system. You must take the M2 to the Deák Ferenc Tér and once there, the M3 (blue) to Kőbánya–Kispest. Kőbánya–Kispest is the last station of the M3, and from there you will take a bus to the airport. This whole process is a quite lenghty one, and you should have at least two hours only to make sure you arrive in time.

Train Stations in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has just one main railway station, located in the center of the city.  The Ljubljana Railway Station (Železniška postaja Ljubljana) handles all major international train routes from and to Slovenia, including the one to Budapest.

The Ljubljana Railway Station is centrally located, and at a walking distance to the old town and most of the city’s attractions. The station itself is rather small, considering it is a capital city, but it has a few facilities. It is very safe, however it doesn’t offer many entertainment options.

If you are coming from another city in Slovenia or nearby countries and traveling to Hungary, check our trains from Ljubljana guide for more information.

Train Stations in Budapest

Budapest Keleti Station. Photo by SprinterJockey

There are three stations in Budapest with relevant traffic of passengers. They are Budapest Keleti (East Station), Nyugati (Western Station) and Budapest Déli (South Station).

As mentioned above, the direct trains from Ljubljana end their journey at the Déli Station. The Déli station is not the biggest, and in fact has a very restricted number of international trains. Its location is on the Buda side, in a less tourist area than the other two main stations.

If you are staying in the Budapest Déli area, you can click here to check accommodations near this station on Booking.com.

Traveling Time: Ljubljana to Budapest Train

The direct traveling time from Ljubljana to Budapest Déli station is of around 8h30 minutes. If you are traveling via Austria using connecting trains, the shortest travel time is of 8 hours and 52 minutes.

How to Buy a Train Ticket from Ljubljana to Budapest

There are a not so many options to buy train tickets from Ljubljana to Budapest online. In the Slovenian railways website, the prices for the Budapest Spezial ticket start from € 15 euros for a single ride and € 30 euros for a return ticket. However it depends on a lot of factors, so one cannot expect to get the cheapest price at all occasions.

The best way to buy your tickets is at the station in Ljubljana, or in any station in Hungary. This train rarely sells out so you can buy it on the same day you travel in almost all cases.

If you want, you can also buy your tickets at any Austrian railway station, even minutes before departing, as long as there are available seats.

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