How to Get from Berlin to Prague (Train, Bus, Plane)

How to get from Berlin to Prague? Let’s analyze the best options for this trip in Central Europe, including traveling by train, bus, plane or car

Are you traveling in Central Europe and want to know the best way to get from Berlin to Prague? Check our post below comparing 4 ways to make this travel and see what suits best to your travel needs.

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Berlin to Prague: The Route

Both Berlin and Prague are some of the most visited cities in Europe, and it is easy to understand why. They offer a lot of entertainment, culture, history, and gastronomy to its visitors, but they have much more than that in common. Both Berlin and Prague are national capitals, of Germany and Czechia respectively.

If you are traveling in Central Europe there is a good chance that you will travel from the German capital to Prague or vice versa. The two capitals are also relatively close to one another, with a road distance of just 350 kilometers.

The best thing about this route is that you have a lot of options to travel between these capitals. All of them are relatively affordable, especially if you book your tickets in advance. Let’s check below the best options to travel from Berlin to Prague by bus, train and plane.

Berlin to Prague by Train

One of the most popular options to travel from Berlin to Prague is by railways. There are many daily trains operating in this route, and their availability will depend on the season and the railway schedule.

Regardless of the time you will visit Germany and the Czech Republic, you will have a good amount of options in this route. That does not only refer to train schedules, but also on the level of comfort you can find on the different train cars.

The train trip from Berlin to Prague usually takes slightly more than 4 hours. Make sure you get a direct train, especially if you have a lot of luggage.

Most trains from Berlin to Prague also stop in Dresden, a city worth visiting. Even if you don’t need to leave the train, you may want to consider Dresden in your trip. You can read more about this city in our Dresden guide and also on how to travel from Prague to Dresden.

How to Buy Train Tickets from Berlin to Prague

The price of the train ride will depend a lot on how early you buy the ticket. I would consider  a good price if you can get this ticket for under 30 euros.

If you want to buy a train ticket from Berlin to Prague you can compare prices on Trainline or Ceske Drahy website..


  • comfortable ride
  • interesting way to travel on Central Europe
  • relatively cheap


  • availability will depend on a number of factors
  • trains are usually crowded in summer and holidays

Berlin to Prague by Bus

Another way, which is getting quite popular in recent years is to travel from Berlin to Prague by bus. While the bus journey is not as comfortable as the train, and not as fast as the plane, it has its own advantages.

There are two very important advantages you can benefit from traveling to Prague by bus. The first is the wide availability of buses running on this route. You can basically travel any time of the day or the night by bus, whatever fits your schedule best. The second option, is that bus tickets are usually cheaper. However, that will highly depend on how much time in advance you buy your tickets. If you are buying with little or no time in advance, the bus is usually cheaper.

The bus ride from Berlin to Prague usually takes around 5 hours, depending on the company operating the service. While in Berlin different companies depart from different location, in Prague they usually arrive in the Florenc Bus Terminal.

How to Buy Bus Tickets from Berlin to Prague

Bus prices also vary, depending on the availability or other factors. However, they tend to vary less than train or plane tickets according to my experience. In general terms, a ticket for under 30 euros on this route is usually a good price, but less frequent to find, especially in summer.

If you want to buy a bus ticket from Berlin to Prague you can compare prices on GoEuro.


  • widely available
  • frequently the cheapest option


  • least comfortable option
  • buses are usually slowe than trains on this route
dresden to Prague train or bus
Prague Main Railway Station.

Berlin to Prague by Plane

Another option to travel from Berlin to Prague is flying. While this option might be ideal is some specific cases, it is not the best option for most type of travelers in this specific route.

The plane is definitely the fastest way to travel from Berlin to Prague. That is the case even if you consider the time you will take between your accommodation and the airports.

The problem is that, on this route, there are very few direct flights operating. As of 2018, onl Easyjet operates direct flights from Prague to Berlin. If you consider routes with connecting flights, they usually will take longer than taking the bus or train.

How to Buy Plane Tickets from Berlin to Prague

The best way to buy plane tickets in Europe is online. As mentioned above, the biggest downside on this route is that there are very few direct flights available.
Regardless of that, you can check prices and find the best option from Berlin to Prague on Jetradar.


  • fastest option
  • ideal if you are taking another flight in Prague


  • lowest availability
  • traveling to the airport and back is usually time consuming

Berlin to Prague by Car

Finally, another option to travel between the two cities is by car. Traveling by car has a number of very evident advantages, but also has its own set of disadvantages.

Renting a car is usually a good idea in the Schengen area, as it will not involve border checkpoints (usually). Rental car prices in Germany are some of the cheapest in Europe, but there are some extra costs that you should consider.

How to Rent a Car in Germany or Czechia

The best option is to compare the available choices on Bear in mind that you will have extra costs if your pick-up location is not the same as your drop off location.

Hotels in Prague

Residence Tabor – an reasonably priced hotel in one of the best areas to stay in Prague, with a good breakfast.

Bed&Books Art Hotel – a great hotel right at the heart of Prague in the District 01.

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