Sri Lanka Offers Free Visas to Boost Tourism

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is offering free visa to tourists interested in seeing the country. Find out more here. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country in South Asia that is renowned for its contribution to the Silk Road. The country is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world and … Read more

Nepal Residence Permits Down 30% for Expats


Foreigners applying for Nepal Residence Permits have dropped down this year. What caused this trend to happen? Foreign workers in Nepal are common in the country for the technical industry. However, it seems their numbers are dwindling because of the latest Nepal Residence Permits report. On Friday, July 26, the … Read more

Norwegian Air Plans to Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

norwegian air bitcoin

Norwegian Air is planning to use cryptocurrency to make payments easier for passengers. Check out the details below. Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular alternative for many people online. It is easy to use, cheap and safe since  However, Norwegian Air believes it has a great potential in the airline industry. … Read more

Guernsey Ranked as Highest Earning Location for Expats


Expats in the isle of Guernsey earns more than their counterparts overseas. Check out the details below. Expats often consider the average salary that can be earned before moving to a new country. Some countries offer higher salaries based on their specialties. Others offer a somewhat decent pay. But, for … Read more

Azerbaijan Issues Less Resident Permits in 2019

Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan reduced the number of residency permits given to foreign nationals. Why did they reduce the numbers? Foreigners who are working overseas must get a residency permit to avoid visa issues. But, in Azerbaijan, there is a drop on how many foreigners got a residency permit and citizenship. On Thursday, … Read more

Switzerland Best Country for Expats According to HSBC

Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is now the best country for expats according to a latest survey. What makes it special? When expats look for a country to move to, they have a specific criteria. They consider the average salary in the country, what is in the country and how far they can bring … Read more

Latvia Startup Visa Lowered Its Requirements for Entrepreneurs

Riga, Latvia

Latvia Startup Visa lowered its requirements for entrepreneurs. Find out below to know the new requirements. If you want to build your business in Latvia, you need to get a Latvia Startup Visa. Temporary residency permits for foreigners are offered to attract investors and businesses in investing in the country. … Read more

Ryanair Expand Routes in Middle East

Al Amine Mosque, Lebanon

Ryanair Expand Routes in Middle East: Beirut is the new Destination of the Low Cost Airline Going to the Middle East is a hit and miss for many tourists considering the conflicts in the area. Lebanon, in particular, is hard to visit due to the lingering problems in Syria. To … Read more

Georgia Residence Permit Rules Change

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia Residency Permit rules changed this year. Check out the new rules released by the government below. For foreigners who would like to live for good in a foreign land, applying for a residency permit is important. It will help you stay longer in the country without having to go … Read more

Germany and Finland Have The Most Powerful EU Passports

Berlin Cathedral, Germany

Germany and Finland Have The Most Powerful EU Passports: Check out the Ranking Below for 2019 European passports are often noted to be travel-friendly. It allows access to other Schengen countries without prior visa. Despite this fact, not all European passports offer visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to European travelers. On … Read more